In my garden the mystery of quiet pervades     . . . dancing me into heart connections. Gentled by the earth's pulse my being knots are untied. Here I tend life, the plants and my own. Owl, hydrangea, monarch, hummer, moon glow, turtle, cloud, fish, star, mosquito, hawk, morning glory, sunbeam and their kin are my teachers. Through the garden's circling seasons earth, water, wind, and fire speak freely of ancient wisdoms. "Wake up, see with the ears of your heart, be aware, play, carry these slender threads forward into the world" . . . so holding these whispers I weave natural fibers and earthgems with quiet . . . morphing ancient symbols (prayer shawls, meditation shawls, rosaries, malas, prayer beads) to still our souls . . . to experience inner truth. Wear a Mindfulness Mantle and 'tiny quiet' to heal your hurt, shine brightly, soar high and journey inward.

This is a reinvention of medium for me. For twenty-seven years I created and directed Imagination in Motion, a creative movement dance company for young children, where we danced with a difference inspired by all forms of art to music improvised by our pianist. From moving children through time and space to moving fibers and stones into Mantles my work continues to focus on calling forth awareness to deepen life’s connections. Into the new I dance . . .


"...glorious magic shawl (Crescent)....like a gentle roadmap into stillness…"
Cornelia Powell
Atlanta, Georgia

"Kay's mantles are like a room--the most sacred, precious, quiet room in your heart. Put one on, you enter that room, and that's were it all begins! The remembering, the knowing, the journeying, the returning, the expanding, the dancing, the divining, the becoming. To be embraced by Kay's mantles is to be embraced by your own soul--truly a rare and unique offering from a woman who knows where it all begins...in moments of stillness and quiet."   
McCall Erickson

"Kay’s beautiful scarves, wraps, and shawls are a very special part of our store. They are not only beautiful knits with wonderful designs, but they are a feeling of warmth and well-being. To give one as a gift is giving a feeling. The card she attaches to her things is lovely and adds to the presentation."
Diana Hansen
White Flowers Gallery
Birmingham, Alabama

"I am so loving this shawl (Survivor Mantle)!!! It is extraordinarily soft and aesthetically pleasing. I do, in fact, find it soothing and energizing."
Lenore W. Hervey, Ph.D., ADTR, NCC, REAT
Acting Chair
Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Dept.
Columbia College Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

“Kay has a gift for knitting original creations that embody symbolic and spiritual meaning. Her combinations of fibers with other elements make each piece especially unique. Even as a knitter myself, I commissioned Kay to create a gift piece for someone very special to me that signified both physical healing and renewed spirit. I asked that she incorporate a strand of "healing" beads that I had received from this same person years earlier. The outcome was a beautifully hand-knit healing shawl adorned with my beads, which had been re-strung into their original order. In a beautifully hand-written note Kay shares the spiritual meaning of each design element. A handful of beads were reserved, restrung, and returned to me as a keepsake treasure from the gift. Kay's thoughtfulness to the fine details far exceeded my expectations.~”
Donna Higgins
Store Owner
In the Making Knit Shop
Birmingham, Alabama

"Receiving a package from Kay Moates of OnSlenderThreads is a sacred experience from the very first moment that you take the contents out and are aware of the attention to beauty and esthetics. Unwrapping my Crescent shawl, knitted with intention just for me, felt like a journey into the mystery of my life yet to unfold.  Putting this sacred art around my shoulders instantly had me weeping with joy, embraced by the natural fibers and gemstones. A companion for awakening, stillness, and "coming home" that every woman should have".
Gaye Abbott

“The shawls remind me of the fairy tale,The Seven Swans.”
Debbie Harlan
Alexander City, Alabama

"When I wrap my Mindfulness Mantle around my shoulders, I am immediately in my own sacred space. I wear it when meditating both for myself and when working on my mandala art. I have worn it so much that it is already starting to 'felt.' I feel blessed by the mantle that Kay created specifically for me."
Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas

(Owner of three Mantles—2 Crescents, Stole) "When I enfold myself in a shawl, I find peace without fail, which warms my entire being from the inside out. What a gift! The shawls journey far beyond their mindfully selected fibers and earth stones, so soft, sacred and cozy. In my experience, the sum is exponentially greater than the total of the parts."
Jenny Baxley Lee, MA, BC-DMT, 
Center for Arts in Medicine
University of Florida 

(On receiving a Survivor Mantle as a gift)--“This shawl takes my breath away!”
Susan O. Cohen, MA, ADTR, CCLS
Pediatric Advanced Illness Care Coordinator
The David Center for Children's Pain and Palliative Care
Hackensack University Medical Center
Hackensack, New York

“Permeated with the warmth and the creative spirit energy of the artist…money well spent!”
Debra Yeargan
Birmingham, Alabama

“The shawls are warm, cool, comforting, enveloping, caring, energy boosting, protective, and even enlightening! I often wear one while treating clients.”
René Danos Yerby, RPT
Carniosacral Therapist
Pediatric Physical Therapist

“Having three different shawls (Swag, Survivor Mantle, 40 Days Contemplative)…each one gives a unique quality…I feel wrapped up, loved, protected, energized and even tranquil …love how the earth energies mingle with my own bringing balance…can feel the earth’s soul in these very intentional garments of healing and strength…These beautiful soulful shawls help steady me and awaken my soul.”
Missy Johnson, DVM
At Home Pet Care Mobile Hospital
Alabaster, Alabama